Having delivered over 100 conversion sites to date, one area of focus for Manor House Developments is to bring existing commercial and industrial buildings back into use. In partnership with PPN Portfolio Builder our vision is to bring life back to these sites in the form of remarkable accommodation for residential tenants and buyers.

Many of the Manor House Development conversion schemes to date have focused on creating a unique, end product that delivers a standard of accommodation not previously available within that particular local market.

Our commercial acquisitions and developments, which have been secured for both our own portfolio and our clients’ include retail buildings, restaurants, high street retailers, office blocks, industrial units and NHS buildings.

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The UK property market, specifically the Private Rental Sector (PRS), is experiencing a variety of challenges and economic pressures which is likely to see the market change significantly over the next decade.

As central government places increasing pressure on the traditional landlord, the institutions and private investors are turning their efforts to exploring the emerging sub-market of private, residential stock which has the opportunity to be designed and developed specifically for renting rather than for sale.

In line with these market trends, at Manor House Developments we are similarly aligning our focus and allocating resources to building out purpose built, rental accommodation. These schemes will be developed and held in the Manor House Developments portfolio as long term investments supplying the PRS with high quality rental stock, this in turn will be serviced to the highest standards via our sister Portfolio Management Company.



The most recent strategy within which Manor House Developments has invested is the area of land development and new build construction.

The UK continues to face a house building crisis. A decade ago, the Barker Review of Housing Supply noted that on average 250,000 homes needed to be built every year to prevent spiralling house prices and a shortage of affordable homes. That target has been consistently missed, creating increasing pressure on the shortage in supply of desirable accommodation across the country.

Whilst not a core focus of our company’s strategy or existing portfolio, new build construction is an area of interest that will be explored within the coming months and years as the pipeline of viable sites and schemes come to completion.



Manor House Developments was founded in 2015 when PPN UK progressed from the refurbishment and conversion of small residential accommodation into the acquisition and development of larger commercial and industrial buildings.

Manor House, Clifton Road, Rugby, a vacant, office block was the first of these sites to deliver an exclusive development with a unique scheme. Restoring the original solid wood staircases and bespoke stain glass windows, a strategic blend of period Victorian features with minimalistic contemporary finishes delivered to the market, proved to be the most exclusive and expensive apartments ever created in Rugby town centre. This was demonstrated when over 70% of these apartments were sold before the build was even completed.

Today, Manor House Developments’ primary focus is to develop and hold sites of remarkable accommodation around the UK to provide the growing private rental sector with much needed safe, secure and sustainable residential property as long term investments.

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Whilst we at Manor House Developments have sold some of our completed projects and schemes, the majority are retained for the company’s own portfolio to be held long term and tenanted.

However, if the idea of owning your own property investment or development interests you, PPN Portfolio Builder, a sister company within the PPN UK group and one of the UKs leading portfolio building companies is available to support you.

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